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  • Hey hows it going bro been reading around and see that you know a trusted sarms source in australia, can you point me in the right direction?
    Hey brother, been lurking on these site gathering info, and just became a member.

    Could you answer some questions for me and maybe shoot me some advice?

    I’m 41, 6’6” 260 workout 5 days a week, couldn’t tell you body fat % but I’d guess I’m 20%.

    Purchased some Rad 140 from Science.Bio.

    Haven’t started cycle yet, cause I want to get all the info I can. My test levels are normal for my age so I’m not worried about my tst levels. I’m mainly wanting to lean up and drop some weight and BF. Looking to cut later this year.

    I’m planning on taking Rad 12mgs for 10-12 weeks as my first cycle. I’ve thought about stacking Ostarine or LGD 4033 with it? But thought about just doing RAD alone for my first cycle. Thoughts?

    Second, do I have to visit my doctor to get Nolvadex? Buddy of mine told me to do Nolvadex and not Clomid. Thoughts?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated, cause I’m not going to start a cycle til I know everything I need to know.

    Thanks Gary
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