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Thread: Cardarine forehead pimples

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    Cardarine forehead pimples

    Hi guys! A month ago i tried for my first time cardarine for two weeks. About one and a half week ago appeared a lot of small pimples on my forehead that doesn't seem to go away. What do you guys think is it because of the cardarine?

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    cardarine is non hormonal and would not cause any such thing if it is actually real... which could be the issue

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    i don't know.. when i took it i felt the typical energy and endurance that is supposed to give you..

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    I bought it from here..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lma21 View Post
    I bought it from here..
    Definitely not legit. Stop using it

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    okay thank you!

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    No problem

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    Yeah that seems pretty fucked up. Gw does nothing to your hormone levels. I'd quit using whatever you have

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