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Thread: Bodybuilders cycle timing

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    Bodybuilders cycle timing

    Bodybuilder cycle timing??
    How do bodybuilders time their cycles with their shows? I know they do an off season cycle to gain some size, then a prep cycle. Seems like the prep cycle would have to come immediately after the bulking cycle, so are they just blasting for 6-7 months straight? I?m talking regular guy, amateurs.

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    That's kinda the secret to winning. Timing is everything... Trial and error is what it takes.

    Some competition bodybuilders are on for years straight then they have to retire.
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    the big guys are pretty much on year round and blast even harder with doses and compound additions at certain periods

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    They go with coaches that design these plans for them. The obvious key is to peak right at show time.

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    generally they have someone coaching them on this and dont go into alone so its different based up on goals, compounds they can tolerate etc... ive coached MANY on this over the years

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