The ppl I fuck with here...

Sorry bro, u gotta take a number and wait in line. Im # 237, youll be right behind me LOL ! should be quick, 44 is very good at what he does ... or we can go at the same time i mean he does have 2 hands ??

Fists of Fury bro... it's amazing how many $5 bills you can make in an hour with ambidextrous stroke hands.

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Well fuck me then, damn 21... I make a list of ppl I frequently fuck with and you're in Dorin-land and I hardly get to holler atchu and you get mad? I apologize bro, but while you're living it up in Bootyfest we hardly get to talk, but you know we always manage to get our laugh on at shit. I love you too. Handjob make us even?
You had me at handjob

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