Test E and Primo 200


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Hi guys,

Hope everyone has been well! I am starting a new cycle, been off for about 2 years. I've always wanted to try Primobolan and I noticed Dragon Pharma was doing a great sale on their Primo200, so I got that and test e.

Since the primo is 200, is there any issue pinning twice a week?

My Cycle (will probably start in November/December)

Test E 300-350mg/wk
Primo 600 mg/wk
Aromasin 12.5mg / wk

Thanks guys!

current stats:
5 foot 11
200 pounds
10-12% BF
why would it be an issue? you should be pinning it twice a week.. im lost here? the concentration has nothing to do with that?
Seems like there's a lot of interest in a log. I'll list my diet below. I'm basically going to be following the same diet I have been following, maybe increasing calories a little bit. My goal is to recomp, so I would like to keep my calories at most around 4000.

~3500-3600 calories
~300g Protein
~400g Carbs
~90g Fats

Meal 1:
4 Eggs
3 pieces Ezekiel Bread
4 oz cranberry juice

Meal 2:
8 oz top round steak
150g white rice
1 apple

Meal 3: (pre-workout)
7 oz top round steak
200g white rice
1 orange

Meal 4: (post-workout shake)
2 scoops whey isolate
8oz coconut water
170g FF greek yogurt
1 scoop greens
55g spinach
28g broccoli sprouts
220g frozen mized berries

Meal 5:
Salmon (10oz) or ground beef (8oz)
10oz potatoes

Training: 5 day split
Sunday: Chest / forearms / abs
Monday: Back / calves / abs
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: Arms / abs
Thursday: Legs / calves
Friday: Shoulders / forearms / abs
Saturday: OFF
*30 min of cardio after each workout.

Once I decide the start date to this cycle I will post regularly! Thanks for the interest guys. I'm excited to try this stack out!
Sounds like a great plan. Looking forward to the updates once things are up and running! Make sure you post before and after pics too.
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