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Stop Friend Doing Test 2 Weeks In


I have a 21 year old friend who I found out was taking his test levels into his own hands. After 2 blood tests and review with the doctor, his levels were low 300s. The doctors stated he should be fine and does not need any TRT. Instead, he started his own dose of 150mg/week for the past 2 weeks.

Would he need any kind of pct?

There were many reasons we have narrowed down why his natural levels are low.

1) He overtrained; I watched him max out his lifts constantly
2) Stress; break up with girlfriend/school/work; not enough recovery
3) Diet; He was eating rice/chicken and eggs and oatmeal. Almost too clean and not enough fats or variety of fruits/vegetables

I'm going to be coaching him through his training (submaximally) and hit diet and retest his levels down the road.


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After two weeks he might be ok, but I'd still run some Clomid myself to be safe