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Hi..!! I've been watching ur videos and u look reasonable person with great knowledge..
I'm planing tu run my 3rd cycle for Muscle Size.. Age.. 21 Height.. 5.7 Weight 87kg..
I'm planing to run Sustanon 500mg/wk And Boldenone 400mg/wk for 10weeks..
Is it enough ? Or should i stack sustanon with Deca..? what would b gud?
You are far too young for steroid use my friend. You need a few more years befire cycling in my opinion. It's not smart to mess with your developing endocrine system at your age
You have been watching his videos yet everything you are doing goes against what his videos say? I don’t get it!?

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I cant advise someone at 21 to run a 3rd cycle. I would stop using steroids so you can save your HPTA. You don't want to be on TRT by 30 man.
clearly you havent watched any of my videos because i have preached for years about under age steroid use and how i wont have anything to do with it.. you clearly dont care about your life and thats fine but i wont contribute to that...
21... Wow way too young bro you're gonna screw yourself up for life. You definitely need to stop now.
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