so this thing about prolactin


hey guys,

i am gonna do a mild tren cycle (50mg eod), and starting to learn about this prolactin control.

so it seems like nandrolone based gears (deca and tren) raise prolactin levels.

some ppl are sensitive, others dont.

so about 3 years ago, i was a big steroid noob, and did test e and deca cycle. back then, i didnt know about prolactin.

it was a 12 wk cycle of test e 500mg/wk, and 10wk cycle of deca 400mg/wk. of course i did pct after it.

i did NOT administer any ai, caber/prami, during cycle nor hcg toward the end of cycle.

but then, i didnt have any side effect, and the cycle was pretty good.

would you guys say im a estrogen and prolactin insensitive person?

dylan said my upcoming cycle has low tren (50mg eod) so i only need vitamin b to control it. so will taking lots of vitamin b supplement and eating fooda high in vitamin b will suffice?

on 175 tren/week b6 will most likely suffice ..never seen any1 need caber on such a low dose.
Sounds like you arnt one of the people who is sensitive to sides of you had no issues and didn’t run an AI or prolactin control. B6 is just fine as Dylan has said. I ran B6 on my tren cycle at 500 mg a week. I started the B6 late when I started noticing the ED issue and it cleared it right up within a day or two. I was a newb back then or I would have ran B6 or caber from the beginning and also would have never ran Tren that high or at all lol
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