1. H

    so this thing about prolactin

    hey guys, i am gonna do a mild tren cycle (50mg eod), and starting to learn about this prolactin control. so it seems like nandrolone based gears (deca and tren) raise prolactin levels. some ppl are sensitive, others dont. so about 3 years ago, i was a big steroid noob, and did test e and...
  2. J

    Prolactin issues on Test only cycle

    Hey Dylan! I have a question about my blood work and was seeing if you had any ideas. I am currently 7 weeks into a test-e only cycle. I had my blood drawn at week 6 and just received the results back, and if I didn't know better I would of thought it was Deca instead of test. I think the high...
  3. Mark Diesel

    Prolactin related question regarding nandrolones

    Will one nandrolone have a more significant effect on prolactin, between deca and trenbolone? I seem to have more issues with tren than I do with deca, and I was wondering if it was just me. Thanks
  4. E

    Test/Deca blast coming up. Questions regarding Prolacting and Caber

    Hey guys, been on TRT for a few years now and a few months ago I increased the dose from 125mg/week to 600/week for 10 weeks as a first blast. great results. I've waited some time and want to try Test/Deca 500/300 respectively per week for 15 weeks. I will have cabergoline on hand. What is...
  5. raybeast

    Prolactin - The Gains, Beard, Libido and most things Male Killer

    GUYS .... please keep your prolactin in check. I was officially diagnosed with a prolactinoma. I couldn't figure out why I was losing size, strength and composition but was still gaining weight on a calorie deficit. I was really pissed when I lost about 50 pounds on my dead lift. I didn't...
  6. B

    Gyno from tren

    Having some gyno issues from tren need some advisory iv been taking test and tren running adex and tamox for estro and caber for pro lactin turns out the caber i had was fake and didn't realise until now because iv developed slight gyno which if i squeeze bit of fluid comes out so i upped the...
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