Selective fat burner and TRT/NPP


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Posting 2 questions here...

So long story short my thyroid gave out beginning of last year...its hereditary...needless to say this wreaked havoc on my body because I didnt know for a year and I lost a ton of muscle and gained a ton of fat. By the time we figured out why I had zero energy and terrible mood swings I had been out of the gym for a year...after being in for 15.

Dr put me on levothyroxine 50/day. It's taken me 6 months to feel normal and good enough to go back to the gym.

1, I hate HGH and dont want to take more levo. Is there a good fat burner to get into once I get shit rolling again? Right now just taking 7keto, CLA, and caritine along with shit load of cardio, HIIT training and a super clean diet.

2, I am on 375mg cypionate every 3 weeks...test was 156 now 900. I was honest with my doc and told her I took test, deca and epistane and loved it. She said that and the thyroid shut,me down hard. I want to start NPP after I get back at it for a while but I dont know if that affects free/total test results. I completely plan on dosing my own test...nothing,like I used to but,I feel best at around 1500ng and she actually wants to drop me 75mg after my bloods. Not gonna happen. Plan was to level out test with TPP to minimize test results and add NPP but I dont know if this will work.

May sound dumb but this rx cypionate feels weak as shit

Flames and opinions welcome

I feel better on Test E than Test C from the pharmacy. I tried Test E from PharmaLady at 300mg/ml, same weekly dose as when on Dr’s Test C (accounted for concentration difference), and felt a lot better on the test E. I wonder if they are under dosing prescribed Test C in the states.

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I kind of think they are. She knows,my history, ive never had a single health problem and ive been an avid user for 10 years , 2-3 milf cycles per year. Nothing crazy, usually test, deca and epistane or anavar. For some reason my body loves deca and I get lean as shit, especially if I run epistane or anavar at the end. I'm well aware of the fact that my use has affected my natural production, but even during a 3-4 month break I felt outstanding. Then the thyroid issues...its fucked my shit all up
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