Sarms Gel


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This is probably a stupid common sense type question. But if I have 20mg yk11 sarms gel pack, and I want to take 10mg a day. Should I just rub half of a pack on my quad in the morning and keep the half empty pack till the following morning to use?
This is why everyone should always ask questions if they have any sort of doubt or misunderstanding of things! I am very glad you asked!
Another question to add to this old threat. Lets say I was cycling andarine and the umbrella gels are 50mg, I wanted to start off at 25mg or split the dose. Could I cut little gel chip thing in half/evenly and take one then and the other half later or when needed? Or would that fuck up its absorption/bioavailable. Similar to like cutting a pill in half I guess can you do that with the gels too?
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