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Alright like mentioned in the original post new job has been crazy!

Still though training has been on point. Cardio im killing it. Was a little fatigued the other day so took a minute or so longer to get to my 1,000 calories burned but still hammering the cardio to get BF down.

Strength has been increasing and fatigue has take much longer to set in. Still being cautious with my shoulder but chest day today was great.

Was able to do circuits of:

8 x 90LB flat bench with dumbells - 6 sets
8 x 50LB incline flys with dumbbells - 6 sets
12 x 200 pound resistance band neutral flys - 6 sets
12 x 120 pound resistance band triceps pushdowns - 6 sets
12 x 120 pound resistance band overhead triceps extensions - 6 sets
12 x 40LB dumbbell tricep kick backs - 6 sets
20 x pushups with 20LB weight vest - 6 sets

Killer workout definitely going to feel it tomorrow. Vascularity on point too.

Overall loving the combo!