Roids24 touchdown


I’ve used almost every source on this forum extensively except I decided I needed to give them a try, especially after talking to 44 about them a bit. It wasn’t a large order and the package took a little while longer to arrive due to the holidays ( I expected this), but it arrived intact. It was packed very well and the product looks awesome. Very happy with the order, and I think I will using these guys for my orals and ancillaries a lot in the future! Great people to do business with, and they carry many products/brands that have tested very well on anaboliclab. Merry Christmas all!

In the pic is some Testosterone undecoanate, caber, nolvadex, anadrol, winstrol, Dbol, and of course some HCG. And some Trisquits.


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This picture was blurry when clicked on. This one should be better.

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I remember Almighty Alpha used to rep for them back in the day. I miss his smartass... Lol
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