Reputable sources in Europe


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Hey guys, new member here.

I'm currently running 2 IU of HGH per day to help with a cut and injury recovery. I just got the news on Monday that I'm traveling on Saturday (July 1st) for work and am gonna be in Europe for almost a month. I don't feel comfortable mailing anything to myself for when I get there so I started looking to see if I can find a decent source in Europe. I'm gonna be in Switzerland if it makes any difference. I have a good source here in the states but have no idea how to go about finding a new one in Europe. I'd hate to have to get off growth for a whole month just to start over, so any information or help is greatly appreciated. If there are any sources reading please feel free to message me privately if you'd prefer.

Here's a link to my post on the other forum if it helps:

Thanks for reading