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I’ve nearly 28 days left for my competition on next month.

My stats
Height 5’7inch, weighing 68kg, gonna play on 65 category, so I’ve to weigh down bellow 65 until I reach into a good shape.

Gears Taking-


YK11 - 15mg
Winstrol - 20mg ED(ll bump up to 50mg ED)
Anavar - 20mg ED(ll bump up to 50mg ED)
Proviron - 25/25mg AM-PM
Clen - 40MCG (early morning cardio, empty stomach)


Test P - 100mg 3x / week
Tren A - 100mg 3x / week
Masterone - 150mg 3x / week(bump up to 600mg)
Primobolan - 150mg 3x / week(bump up to 500mg)
Winstrol inj - 50mg EOD / week(bump up to 100mg)

Halo - planning to add on last 2-3 weeks 10mg ED

(Fix me if I’m doing something wrong)☝🏻

- I have HGH, IGF 1lr3, GW 50156, Anadrol - on hand (feeling like to add HGH / IGF 1lr3 but I’ve heard it soothes skin by holding water, can I use any of it ?)👈🏻

PS: personally I love GW, used it before for during contest prep, it really helps on cardiovascular site, but one thing I felt, it stops glycogen depleting, for this reason body doesn’t lean out easily, as GW shifts energy to from glycogen to fat

(I could be wrong, but guide me should I add it now or wait till I get visible abs then add into regime) ☝🏻

Diet -

Protein nearly 200 grams
Carb nearly 100grams Complex carbs )
Fat bellow 50grams

( kinda having issues with my diet please fix me here, or enlighten me here ) 👈🏻

( Dylan if you can coach me for a month please let me know, if it seems possible to me I will happily join you )

PS: (Ik I have questioned a lot of things, but I really wanna know, it’s hard to reach to you Dylan, I watch you always, I know your knowledge is so good, help me on this dude)


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- Anti Estrogen

Armidex 1mg 3x / week ( bad at guessing how much I need, so I just dosage it like this ) 👈🏻 fix me here as well.
bros thats a hardcore cycle and you should do it and post a LOG journal on isarms share with us how it goes

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i wouldnt be able to coach you.. i dont coach such wreckless use in any way, shape or form, no matter what kind of pay is offered... im full with clients 7 days a week and i always take on whoever is wanting to really take things as serious as possible but im always not the best fit for someone and vice versa and thats the beauty of life, where we all have options.. i have principles and as strongly as i coach to help people far surpass their goals, i certainly dont coach stupidity and wrecklessness and there are many people who want to do things that way regardless and im just not the right fit for that kind of person and thats clearly the path you are on so i definitely wouldnt not be right for you... there are people out there who care nothing for long term health and will tell you whatever the hell you want to hear or do and so those kind of people would be far more in line with where you are wanting to go... i wish you nothing but the best...
I do offer consults, drop me a PM. my prices are reasonable and i'm the guy you will be talking to voice to voice, not a copy/paste program that gets emailed to you.
Cycle has too much redundancy. Injectable and oral winstrol. Just use the oral. Masteron and proviron. Just use masteron. Also drop the primo. Too much DHT.
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