Putting together summer cycle 16weeks


just finished my bulking cycle of 12weeks :
1-10 sust 750mg ew
1-10 npp 600mg ew
1-4 anadrol 50mg ed
9-12 tbol 60mg ed
1-12 aromasin 12.5mg e2d
1-10 dostinex 0.5 e3d
10-12 hcg 500mcg 3xweek
Nolva 40/40/40/20/20/20
aromasin 12.5mg e2d

I am 268lbs with 16-17%body fat , will take a break till May and start my next cycle which looks like that (may need some small changes) tell me what u guys think? is 400mg masteron e a week enough or bum it up to 600mg?

1-16 Test enant 500mg ew
1-16 primo 800mg ew
1-10 tren E 400mg ew
1-10 masteron e 400mg ew
1-6 anavar 80mg ed
8-18 proviron 50mg ed
1-18 aromasin 12.5mg e2d
1-10 dostinex .5mg
8-10, 16-18 hcg 500iu 3x week
will also add gw on the beginning and s4 and sr9009 at the end

Looking forward to hear your opinion and any changes would be considered Thank
that looks like some serious cycle, i would bump masteron to 600-800 , lower test to 250-300, remove the anavar and finish with winstrol 50 mg/day the last 6 weeks of cycle
but i'd suggest you cut down to 13-14% till you start , then cut below 10% with this cycle and u'll be photoshoot/contest ready :)
Looks like a pretty serious summer cycle! I'm about to run NPP and anadrol. How was dealing with the liver toxicity from the Anadrol. also how'd you like running NPP vs Deca?
for me NPP works amazing and i much better results than Deca......i did only 50mg of anadrol a day and took NAC , Milk Thistle and UDCA so liver was protected :) dont forget to run test with npp and anadrol
yes you right i will drop to like 14-15% maybe less if i i am taking gw501516 ,s4 and sr9009 ......still thinking about adding Ventolin with Ketotifen but i think i will wait and add that before summer
i am not a big fun of winstrol cause its kills my joints and my bp goes up a bit......i know it does better job than anavar but this time i am sticking with var
there is absolutely ZERO reason to be using masteron at that high of body fat... that is beyond pointless and you need to be in far better condition period to start a cycle like this... i would also lower test as well... this is clearly a cutting cycle and that much test is not suitable on this cycle
i am with you but its almost Dec now and till May i got about 6 months and I know i will drop to around 12% bf for sure , I juts finished my bulking cycle so my bf is a bit high ......250mg a week of test you think would be enough? adding masteron depends on the condition i will be ...if bf will be low i will at at the first 10 weeks if not will skip the first 6 weeks and add at the last 10 weeks
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