contest preparation

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    Prep for bodybuilding competition

    I’ve nearly 28 days left for my competition on next month. My stats Height 5’7inch, weighing 68kg, gonna play on 65 category, so I’ve to weigh down bellow 65 until I reach into a good shape. Gears Taking- Oral- YK11 - 15mg Winstrol - 20mg ED(ll bump up to 50mg ED) Anavar - 20mg ED(ll bump...
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    Contest preparation nightmare !!!

    .. throughout my misreable life i had 3 Questions :- 1-what is inside the bermuda triangle 2-how the pyramids were built 3-How to prepare for a Contest ??!!! i know that it is not easy to obtain the answer for that Question , but i hope that maybe someone would answer me or atleast show me...
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