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Those pre mixed C4's are pretty good, I like the pre mixed Mr Hydes too. I'll pick them up sometimes if they have a sale on them or something
i like the blue raspberry one for sure... i just only like to use them sparingly because your body gets used to them too quickly and then they dont do shit... i was having to take 3 and 4 scoops of pwo's because i used them so often in the past... i rarely use them anymore whatsoever...
im telling you, just try gw and triple x pre workout a few times and youll be hooked on that one... i hate jittery feelings etc and you get none of that with this stack
what about mesomorph? i hear it has dmaa

The DMAA ban killed a lot of the great pre workouts, but I've heard that DMAA is starting to make a comeback somehow into certain pre workouts. I'd like to get my hands on some because I absolutely loved DMAA.

(PM me for a price list for Biotech Labs and 10% discount)
What's funny is that DMAA was never banned. The FDA just sent out a bunch of warning letters and for some reason all the big supplement companies obeyed them. They must have figured it wasn't worth the risk.
I'm glad to see a lot of supplement companies are essentially telling the FDA to stick up their ass.

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