Post injection pain and swelling


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Hey guys it’s been two days after I pined Ventro Gluteal and have never had any problems but I might have pined to far out this time and now it’s hard to even sit walk or do anything and Im in pain all the time. Now my glute is really swollen, inflamed, and feels hard from my other glute. Can’t even flex my glute at all. I went and worked out the day after cause i thought it was just going to go away and don’t know if I made it worse or not. Also i was sick then i felt a lot better the day i pined and then the day after i started to feel joint aches again like i was getting sick idk if it could have been from the injection. Should I go see a doctor to check this out right away or wait to see if swelling will go down? I’ve been icying and resting all day.
More than likely its nothing. If it's not hot to touch or red fever feeling you should be fine. If you start feeling feverish if might be a good idea to get it checked out. I've gone in before. My doctor told me if it felt hot to touch or spongy it would be of concern. Not sure if it's always the case.
How often are you pinning in the same area? I rotate and when I hit my left glute no matter what I get a hard knot and pain. I've tried to go less frequent there and even if it gets pinned once every 3 weeks I still get it. Ive moved around up, down, out, in and nothing has helped.
Yeah it’s not a spongey feeling it’s hard to the touch. I do feel a little feverish I just don’t know if it’s from the injection or from being sick the previous day.
I think two days might be too early to tell if you need to go in but that's my opinion. Someone else might have different advice. I would definitely keep an eye on it though.
Iv had this happen to me before when using test Prop I was miserable for like a week sitting sucked walking sucked lol could have just hit a bad spot man
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