Post cycle therapy question

ok so sr9009 is .25 on the dropper in the am and followed by .25 every 2 hours after 5-6 times a day
s-4 is 1/2 a dropper in the am and half a dropper 4-6 hours later in the pm ( I will post the gemelli protocol in a few) stick to the protocol
mk2866 is 1/2 a dropper in the am
rad 140 is 2 full droppers in the am
gw is 1 full dropper 30 mins before workout
okay with 300 mg of test, i would start with 1 full dropper or aromasin every other day... if you find thats too much, drop to about 3/4 a dropper...
300mg. Just test

I would say 12.5-15mg EOD is a good start. You can always drop that down just a tad if it ends up being too much. At 300mg it might be a little much but everyone is different. 0.5-0.75ml might be your sweet spot but you'll have to adjust and see
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