Pharmacom Test Cyp, Deca, Dbol and Aromasin. Kind of a log. :)

Measured myself again this morning. 8 pounds increased now. Dbol definitely doing work.

After measuring I worked out and I had the most amazing pump I have had in a while. Holy shit.[emoji23]

That’s great brother, I’m happy that you’re enjoying your cycle. I used pharmacom gear in my first cycle and I had a great experience too...
Day 10.
Had a chest and shoulder day yesterday, even though I feel HORRIBLE. Pump was amazing again. Nice and a lot of volume. (Gagging and almost vomiting due to the cabergoline, so I am dropping the dosage next time I take it. That should take care of it. This also makes it so that I can't eat my meals...)

Also donated blood today! :)
Day 16.
Massive increase in strength during exercises. Could do more reps as well!
Pumps are amazing.

Not sick-ish anymore. It was the cabergoline. Dropped it to 0.25mg every 3 days and it has been perfect!

Side effects up until now:
- Libido is UP for sure haha. My girlfriend cannot handle it haha! (Thanks Proviron..)
- A little bit of an oily skin, only the top of my forehead. Nothing more.
- No puffiness in nipples.
- No acne. Nothing!

I love the compounds and they love me back up until now. *knocks on wood*

Cannot wait until Deca kicks in!!
Day 23.
I keep getting stronger still, amazing pumps. Not even one single zit, not one!!

Up 15 pounds since day 1. I have come to the conclusion that I might have fallen in love with yet another oral compound. I just respond so damn well to them!!
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