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    Pharmacom Test Cyp, Deca, Dbol and Aromasin. Kind of a log. :)

    Hey people, I made my first order with Pharmacom and arrived, so I will try to log my experience with my goodies! First time logging anything, so if you guys feel I missed something, just tell me! :) I will try and log something after every injection! Here goes. Stats before this cycle...
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    Ostarine + Cardarine with log

    Male, 23 Starting Weight: 81kg Height: 175cm Ended up @ 14% bf after last diet @ 77kg, after that i've gained 4kg during clean bulking so currently at 16-17% i'd guess. Notable injuries: Left shoulder injury from couple years back that i'm hoping to get better with the use of ostarine Training...
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    Physique Photos + massive SARMSX stack - What should I do with my body?

    Sup guys. Started off training at 156 pounds skinny fat about a year ago. Did an 8 month bulk then 3 month cut. Now I am at 178 pounds, with 20 pounds more muscle on my frame and some stubborn fat, but my size is not where I want it to be yet. Just bought myself a MASSIVE 12 week SARMSX stack of...
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    Beastmode First Ultra Recomp Cycle Log

    Alright guys, I'm starting this thread as my log for my first Ultra Recomp Cycle. I received my SARMS Ultra Comp (LGD, S4, RAD, and GW) yesterday and started today (4/13/2017). I will be making all of my updates here for now. Cycle is as follows (per Dylan): * 4/13-7/6: 1-12 RAD140...
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    A Healing Super Stack Log ( S4 + LGD + GW + MK2866 + MK677)

    Hi! I finally received my SARMs to Sweden and I started using them last Tuesday (18th of October). I ordered S4, LGD & MK2866. After some considerations, I’ll also be adding GW & MK677 for the full healing super stack. I’ll add those two in as soon as I receive them (should be early next...
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    [LOG] RAD140 - SR-9009 - MK-677 - LGD-4033 - GW-501516 - MK-2866 - Mod GRF 1-29 - Ipa

    [LOG] RAD140 - SR-9009 - MK-677 - LGD-4033 - GW-501516 - MK-2866 - Mod GRF 1-29 - Ipa
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    12wk Log - RAD/GW/S4/Osta/SR

    Today marks my 3rd week on my 12wk cycle with Rad/GW/S4/Osta/SR. Going to log my progress below. Note, I started flat from not working out and being completely sedentary for at a desk job for a while. I havent worked out or performed any fitness for several years. I began exercising a week...
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    First sarms triple stack log

    This is going to be my first ever log, so bear with me. I'm a 35 year old male 5'6" 185 pounds with about 15% body fat and have been lifting for 16 years. I'm starting a triple stack of the GW (25mg day), S4 (25mg twice daily), and Ostarine (25mg day). The only other supplements that I'm...
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