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    Domestic Supply Odin Test Cypionate Deca Masteron Dianabol Winstrol Log

    What’s up my iSarms community! Very excited to start my cycle log for Odin brand: Test Cypionate Deca Masteron Dianabol Winstrol courtesy of the best in class providers at Domestic Supply. Please see attached photo of how my order arrived. Fantastic and prompt communication from their team...
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    can i mix SARMS with steroid cycle

    Hello guys please answer me just if you know the answer because there are lots of confusion out there and i want to do it right this time Little about me 33yo Male i used bulking cycles before never was able to keep the weight though maybe i wasn't using the right pct my last cycle was like...
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    Blood pressure shot up three weeks into test e and dianabol cycle

    Hi I’m in my mid-30’s and decided to take the plunge and try a cycle. I was taking 20 milligrams of dianabol per day and a cc or millileter of test Enanthate 300 per week, which I would split into 2 injections. I would take 10 milligrams of nolvadex per day to control estrogen. I have been...
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    First AAS cycle (test e + Dbol) Questions

    Hi All, I hope this small, but very knowledgable community can answer few of my questions regarding to AAS use. I will begin my first ever steroid cycle tomorrow, at 26 years of age. My cycle will be 500mg test ew for 12 weeks. I am planning to kickstart it with Dianabol, but to limit any...
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    Pharmacom Test Cyp, Deca, Dbol and Aromasin. Kind of a log. :)

    Hey people, I made my first order with Pharmacom and arrived, so I will try to log my experience with my goodies! First time logging anything, so if you guys feel I missed something, just tell me! :) I will try and log something after every injection! Here goes. Stats before this cycle...
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    Ancillaries and PCT

    Hey guys, I'm about to begin a new cycle and I would like to be advised on the ancillaries and PCT for it as well as any suggestions for sarms during and post cycle. And feel free to critique my cycle and give suggestions. Test cyp 400mg 16 weeks Eq 800 mg 16 weeks Tren ace 400 mg 12 weeks Dbol...
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    Aromasin Dosage (PCT)

    I used test enanthate and anavar for 2 weeks ... then I rested for a month and started enanthate 300mg/week with dianabol 30mg/day for 4 weeks now I am in pct using Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 and I want to add Aromasin , as I read 12.5mg EOD is the most reliable , but I have 25mg tablet so should...
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    Anavar and Dianabol

    Hey Dylan, I have been consulted to do a cycle of Anavar and Dianabol, this will be my first time using anything anabolic, i have been a fan of you and have seen many of your videoes, and have learned that you have a lot of knowledge of anabolic steroids. So my question is if Anavar and...
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