does it have alcohol in it? lol I'm a recovering alcoholic

Yes it is suspended in grain alcohol, but a single dose is 1ml, which is only 1/45th of a shot. It is even less total alcohol than a dose of cough medicine

It doesn't even read on a breath analyzer

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I'm in recovery too bro. Almost a year sober. I use 1ml of letro in grain alcohol 2x a week. I simply get it down and chase it with something pleasant. It hasn't interfered with my program or my well being in that sense. I am still happy, joyous and freely Trudging the road to happy destiny.

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yes, they are suspended in grain alcohol but your taking in the smallest amounts of it... its nothing like taking a drink or anything but if you have concerns etc. then thag would be extremely understandable...
got my delivery yesterday evening. just started my research. my rat says it taste like ass but the alcohol in it didn't effect him. hes just happy he got what he wanted.
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