Ostarine + RAD140


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I am thinking about running ostarine and rad 140 but not at the same time can anyone advise what the best order is to run these like 1-6 ostarine 7-12 rad140 13-16 Clomid or would it be better to run rad first then ostarine. Another possibility is run one and then PCT and wait some time then do another cycle. Would like to hear people thoughts on best option and also gap needed between cycles in last option
no, thats not how to run them at all.. they need to be ran 12 weeks , not split like that.. thats going to be more of a waste of time and money than anything... they are perfectly fine to run together.. if not, then run a 12 weeks cycle of one of them, then a 4 week pct, take your 3-4 weeks off and then start the next one...
12 weeks bro. Only use our forum approved sponsored sources like and umbrella labs!
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I promise you that you want to run both concurrent together. My first every stake was Rad and ostarine together and it was awesome full 12 weeks or it is definitely a waste of time that is forsure. I would get my stuff from the fourm approval sponsor awesome quality had great results with my runs.
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