Sarm and or PCT drug urine detection times


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Does anyone know how long the detection times are on something like rad 140/ostarine/mk677 and or clomid and nolvadex?

I'm hearing most ball park sarms are about 4 weeks but can very with no said date. Also I hear clomid detection time could be months??
Also would nolvadex detection time be less since clomid has such a long half life???
There are no consistent detection times on sarms at all... many say at least 30 days, which is a base, but ive seen people even after 6 months have tests show

clomid is anywhere from 6 weeks up to 4 months

nolvadex is anywhere from 2 months to 4 months

Keep in mind, these tests are getting more and more intricate and a lot of these times are not totally accurate anymore either
Well looks like I could be in luck the federation has a comprehensive "steroid list" that includes most mainstream anabolics, androgens, clen etc but does not include nolva, clomid or sarms. My cycle plus pct will give me 4 weeks clean time anyway so I should be good or else ill get popped lol time will tell
I know the compounds hcg and hmg are completely unnecessary with sarms, however because of the detection times of nolva and clomid could I opt to use one or the other to come off sarms? Would you run hcg on maybe the last 2-3 weeks of rad 140 and then hmg post cycle? Sorry I dont mean to ask stupid questions, believe me I'd much prefer a mini pct with either nolva or clomid for 4 weeks, but given the circumstances do you think I could have any luck with these ancillararies? The detection times on hcg and hmg are only like 2 weeks which would put me in the clear... May opt out of the comp and just run a normal mini pct idk what to do, any advice would be greatly appreciated..
I also have aromasin exemestane which does not have a very long half life could I potentially just use that in pct without a serm??
I wont recommend hcg in pct EVER.. .thats the worst option you could ever do and hmg certainly is not going to provide the proper recovery.. hcg is suppressive.. ive done videos, PLENTY, on why you should never use hcg in pct...

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