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Got results of pre-cycle blood work. Surprised to see test at 967. Had done 4 weeks of enclomiphene at 12.5mg x 3 weeks with 1 week of 6.25mg after 6 weeks of test c 160mg (1st 3 weeks) and 200mg shots (last 3 weeks). Took bloodwork 3 weeks after the 4 week Enclomiphene pct.

What are ur thoughts on Enclomiphene as pct instead of nolva and/or clomid mini pct?
What number was you expecting?
What number was you expecting?
I was expecting it to be lower because I had started TRT Test C shots for about 6 or 7 weeks then i stopped it all suddenly. So I figured that my natural production suppressed a bit but I did start enclomiphene PCT protocol for 4 weeks right after. When I took bloodwork, it was 3 weeks after PCT so wasnt on any compound or anything, just natural production I would suppose. Unless the Test C was still in my system but I doubt that because of 7 day half-life.

Last time it was almost this high (1000+) was after a 4 weeks clomid PCT 2 years ago after a similar SARM cycle but estrogen was through the roof at 80 and I was basicially going through PMS with mood swings, anxiety, depresssion, feelings of impending doom. LOL. This time with enclomiphene, test was up to 900+ with estradriol less than 30 and felt none of that.

Thats why again I ask what are this forum's thoughts on Enclomiphene Mini PCT vs Clomid/Nolva which can raise estrogen levels?
How do you all deal with acne and back ance? Everything I start a cycle and even PCT I break out especially my back. Any suggestions?
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Shortcut to SHRED: Week 3 - Day 5: Shoulders, Legs, Calves: Single-Joint Exercises


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Shortcut to SHRED:
Week 3 - Day 6:
Back, Traps, Biceps:
Single-Joint Exercises

Would this rad140/mk2866/gw stack plus proviron fuck cause ED? 2 weeks in and today didn't wanna work. Gunna try again later. Lol

Might of been hi-stim pre-workout I took before...was bout to workout but then Duty called and....yeah.

Jim Stoppani's
Shortcut to SHRED
Week 4 - Day 1
Chest, Triceps, Abs
Multi-Joint Exercises


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Shortcut to SHRED
Week 4 - Day 3
Back, Traps, Biceps
Multi-Joint Exercises