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Sent and got Blood work results in record time. One day. Here they can anyone explain this for me? Thanks


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Awesome updates brother keep pushing on and past all the obstacles 💪 you for this. As far as bloodwork I will let one of the vets answer that for you.
Starting next Cycle on Monday 3/13/23. This is my 5th Sarm Cycle over the past 3 years. Will be taking

Weeks 1 - 8
Rad140 x 15mg
Mk2866 x 25mg
GW501506 x 20mg
Proviron x 50mg

Weeks 5 - 8
YK-11 x 5mg

Have done this stack before with great results but this time adding Proviron instead of a "test base" product is use which consisted of
3β-Hydroxyandrost-5-en-17-one 250mg and
Arimistane 75mg. Hoping Proviron keeps me feeling good.

After 4 week Enclomiphene PCT (12.5mg x 3 weeks, 6.25 mg x 1 week) Blood work from 2/8/23 was:

ALT: 36
Albumin: 4.5
AST: 36
Estradriol: 26.6
Free Test: 14
Free Test %: 2.33
LH: 5.24
SHBG: 27.4
Total Test: 602.

Getting updated bloodwork on Monday, 3/13/23 to see where levels are after 4 weeks off of Enclomiphene then starting 1st dose of 8 week cycle.

Anything else you recommend to keep suppression to minimum?

I'll keep updated with process and pics.
Just blast tren 💪💪
what is your question? if you are on gear things will be off
Just an explanation of the numbers in general.

Also, I've also read prolactin fluctuates to much and not to worry bout that but each time I run a blood test its always high...even this time running cabergoline E3D and inhibit-p ED. But also I only slept 5 hours before drawing bloods and worked out hard the day before so don't know wtf is going on
bro should run tren and see bloods

So I saw Dylans video on tren. Would like to run a cycle but he recommended 1st time to run Tren Ace with Test...equal amounts.. since would be 1st steroid cycle, was thinking 200mg/200mg of each.

Would like to run it right..can anyone gift me more info on how/when to pin each on? Would tren ace be pinned every 2-3 days and Test c every week or split up Test doses and pin together every 3 days?

What would be the best approach?
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