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Newbie Second Blast Question


Good evening, gentleman!

I am a first time poster and my question is in regards to my second blast.

Age: 39
Weight: 214
BF: 14%
Been lifting for 14 years and been on TRT for a little over 4.

I ran a 10 week test prop blast at 500 a week. If like to try NPP, but would like some feedback on how to prevent deca dick, or in this case NPP dick. I use 160mg test a week as prescribed. I've been reading on different forums and seeing a lot of differing opinions on how to prevent deca dick. Some say it's estrogen control, some say it's prolactin control and some say your test needs to be run higher than deca/npp. I want to keep test dose at try dose, so what is the answer?

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Control estrogen with your AI if choice, control prolactin with 0.25mg cabergolin e3d, and use 25 to 50mg Proviron ed. That should keep any sexual side effects at bay.
You can run test and nandrolone even and that will be fine


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the main issue is running test or deca/npp too high... you dont need to exceed 400 mg of either... i would go 300-350 of each... clearly you ALWAYS need to make sure you control estrogen and prolactin should not be an issue whatsoever if you run moderate doses of deca/npp... always have caber or prami on hand and if you are lower than 300 mg per week, all you need is vitamin b6.. if you are higher than that, then you will likely need to use caber for example, .25 mg every 3 days


Thank you both for the response,! I am getting some NPP at 150/mg and plan to start with 100mg every other day. See where it goes from there. I also ordered some proviron per your suggestion, I do worry about hair loss after researching it a bit. However, I don't really have that issue now, so maybe it won't affect me?


Right on, thanks!

Do you suggest I start with B6 and get blood work done to check prolactin a few week in, or should I start with caber at .25 every three days as PON suggested. I have some caber on the way, too.