First time EQ not great, might adjust or pivot

you might want to switch to another steroid, also maybe your EQ is deca.
Anything is possible. That is why I recommend buying your steroids from domestic Supply.
bro i get Strong libido on equipoise. Maybe you are the problem and something wrong with you. Maybe you sick of your wife.
What does lean for your age mean? Not being disrespectful but saying you’re 20% at your age is probably lean for a 40 year old man now a days
Thanks for all the responses! Who knows the libido problem could just be me. I think I'm going to try to give it a couple more weeks. The hunger is a bigger concern, I don't want to blow up when I was intending to recomp. And I don't like the acne either.
Don't make any changes just yet your body is gonna go through some changes initially. That's quite a lot of compounds being introduced. Give it some time and it takes quite a while for EQ to reach peak blood levels. If you continue to have problems I recommend looking more at the NPP and Test ratio. It can vary from individual to individual.
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