Finishing my first cycle of Tren...Review and some thoughts!!!


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Hey guys, this isn’t a full review, but I just wanted to list some things that I have experienced with my first go with Tren. Overall, this was my favorite cycle. Gained very MINIMUM water weight, very clean gains. Strength and muscle endurance went up. My hardness and fullness of my muscles improved to the point where I was having people asking me on a regular basis what I was doing lol. And my sex drive/libido was insane…The only thing I would change is maybe switching to a shorter ester of test, just to even further limit the water weight.

My cycle was as listed:
Test E: Weeks 1-12 at 375mg/wk
Tren A: Weeks 3-12 at 300mg/wk
Anavar: Weeks 3-8 at 50mg/day (split into two 25mg doses)
Arimidex: .5mg EOD
5% Liver and Organ Defender: Weeks 3-12
Some other things I just added for the heck of it: dandelion root, milk thistle, Vitamin B6.

Here are some things that I noticed that seem to be the opposite of what the majority people (at least on this board) have experienced:

1. Appetite was crazy. I know a lot of people will have no appetite while using tren, but not me. I was hungry all the time. Before I started my cycle, I was taking MK677 for the past 8 months, but decided to give it a break for this cycle. Not sure how long MK677 will linger in the body, but maybe that’s a reason my appetite was very high? Even up to the last week of my cycle my appetite was still very high…
2. Sex drive and libido was insane. I don’t want to go into too much detail for personal reasons, but this was the best my sex drive has been since my very first cycle, and this is my 4th. Although, not to say my sex drive isn’t good when I’m not on gear. It is still good but obviously not as good as when I’m on the juice.
3. Joints felt really good. Again, not sure if the MK677 lingered in my body during my cycle, but my joints felt great. Not that I have bad joints or anything, but when I push heavier weight my joints do take a beating. I do know DECA has those properties, but does Tren as well?

Side Effects: I have not experienced any side effects at all to say the least. The first 2 weeks I did find myself being irritable and more agitated at times, but that definitely seemed to decrease as the cycle went on. I don’t wanna jinx myself for PCT so I’ll just leave it there.

Overall: Awesome cycle!!! My favorite by far. Very clean, hard gains. I had no sense of urge of pushing the tren past 300mg and will probably leave it at that for the next go around.

Thanks for all the guidance! Tomorrow 11/22 is my last pin and will try and post some pics tomorrow night or Saturday.
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