Keeping testosterone at same dose year round


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So I'm in my mid thirties and on TRT since 30, bodybuilding since 14. I had some extensive cycle experience for four years in college, and recently began just playing with lower doses of Test and Mast.

I'm actually already the size I want, and I can maintain this on a very moderate blast of 350mg Test/350mg Masteron (enanthates) every 10-12 weeks, I then drop to 100/100 for cruising. I like to stay very lean and dry and at single digit body-fat all year. These moderate blasts are more than enough to keep me about 10-15lbs above my natural limit and

So ideally, 350 test/350 mast is my perfect cycle. The issue I keep having is I have a very difficult time properly controlling estrogen when I'm moving my tester one from say one dose, and then up to another dose, then back down etc. It's like hitting a moving target for me and I find myself only having good sex drive about 25% of the time, the rest of the time I'm trying to either drop my AI to cruising levels or up it to blast levels and I'll spend weeks trying to nail it down just right.

Needless to say I'm just tired of it. I'm thinking of just staying on 200mg of Test year round and just adding non-aromatizing compounds to that on my blast. Primobolan or anavar would be my ideals but they are just too far out of my price range, run at good enough doses. So I've got Masteron, Winstrol and Tren that I really feel ok with. Maybe NPP, although I had major shut down and libido issues on NPP when I was in college, perhaps I was running it improperly then but I'm still a bit scared to go near it.

I'm thinking along the lines of
200mg Test/350mg Mast/175mg Tren
200mg Test/350mg Mast/350mg Winstrol (50 daily) last 5 weeks

I'm not that crazy about having tren or winstrol in there, as I don't need think I need such harsh compounds for my purposes, though I handle tren fine at that low of a dose. Anyway, if anyone can think of anything else, feel free. If I can do lower dose primo or MAYBE eq, though I'd have to really lengthen my cycles, I'd be open to it.
you dont need tren whatsoever... you really dont... test and primo is the best option for you.. it really is for what you want but you could also go with eq...
Thanks Dylan. Yeah from looking at all the profiles, primo is exactly what I'm looking for. Maybe with some re-arranging I can fit into my AAS budget, if not looks like EQ/Masteron might be an alright choice.

My body tolerates tren quite well so far, which has only been up to 175mg weekly. Nothing in my bloodwork was out of range (not even cholesterol, shockingly), no insomnia, no night sweats, no real cardio impact that I can tell but I'm used to about 4 hours of cardio weekly year round. Of course I'm tanked up on ubiquinol, red yeast rice, hawthorne berry, niacin, beet extract etc. If I did keep the tren my plan was to leave it at 175mg, I don't feel a need to increase, drop the masteron as the tren already does everything masteron does and use that money for cardarine instead.
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