New Cycle Pics and Update... Big progress made


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As many of you know, im currently on my trt doses of test, deca and primo... 150/150/200... Test was used from AY but not with Roids24 Radjay... Deca with express domestic and primo from bio tech... Now, mind you that when I started I was under normal weight... I generally am around 175-180 but when I started I was only 170, mainly due to the constant stress from my wedding and other things going on in my life that were causing me high anxiety, stress etc... It has taken me quite a sufficient time to deal with losing my dad this year as well... No excuses, just an explanation on why I was dropping weight... As of yesterday, my current weight is now 192... I started at 4.9% body fat but that is also skewed considering i really could not eat much of anything... Now, my body fat is only 5.3% and I have never felt this good nor been this strong... So I am up 22 lbs with a body fat still at 5.3%... My weights have DRASTICALLY gone up and my performance in the gym is higher than it has ever been... Here are some updated pictures for you to see...




How many times have i told u to stop stealing my shorts they dont fit u. Lol jk. Looking good man

Looking sick. Those delts are fucking insane. And 22 lbs already!!

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It's really obvious you have filled out and added size dylan! Very nice job! This cruise has done incredible for you. You are having better results than most experience on a blast! Unreal man! Keep it going man. I honk I'm going to have to continue deca into my next cruise just based on what I'm seeing here
I'm just going to add "Dylan shouldn't even own a shirt" to my signature.
Great job babe! Very proud of you

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Really great work brother.. It's no accident you get the results you do. Consistency and obedience get you those results. The additional size you have added suits you
I think those 22 lbs is split between delts lol. Seriously though. You are an inspiration. My mental game is too weak right now to hit single digit bf%. Especially 4-5! But I'll get there.

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