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Hey Dylan

I got a stack of sarms. Cardarine, MK 677, SR9009 and LGD- 4033. Been taking the recommended dosage for just over a week now but I'm having bad nausea, stomach acid and bloating. Some times it gets so bad that I have to cut my workouts short. I understand MK 677 can cause bloating but do you know what is causing the upset stomach and acid reflux? Have you ever heard of these side effects and have any suggestions? I would lower my dosage if possible but sarms1 recently changed to pill form over liquid and it makes it harder to dose smaller amounts.

Your feed back would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
i highly doubt its the sarms causing this bro... did it just start? are you sure its not something you are eating or maybe you caught a bug?
Try dosing with food to see if that helps. Some people have discomfort when dosing on an empty stomach
Hey guys.
Yeah Dylan this all started as soon as I started taking the stack. Tried dosing with food and spreading my doses out over the day. It helped a little along with the use of tums or dosing it with milk.

I'm going into week 3 now and it only really happens when I take the SR9009 and LGD. Never had these problems before when it was in liquid form. Maybe it's something with the new product? Stopped taking both of them 2 days ago and stomach issues stopped immediately. I know myself its not a stomach bug or something along them lines but I'm gonna start again tomorrow and see if there's any difference.

Just wanted to know if anyone else has been having these issues from this site since they changed from liquid to pill form.
i dont know whats going on... pill form is easier on you than liquid... stop a few days like you have then start again and see if you still have the issue or not...
So its day 2 and it's starting again. It's an acidic burning sensation in my stomach. Didnt take it long enough for it to get worse. Ive narrowed it down to the SR9009 that seems to be causing it.

Talked to my buddy at work who also got the same stack and he's experiencing the same issues. It's almost like its shutting down our digestive system and food is just sitting in our stomachs for too long which is causing fullness, heartburn and acid reflux.

Ive taken the liquid form before and had no issues. It has to be something with the new ingredients with the pill form. I think I'm just gonna have to leave the SR9009 out of the stack this time round.
so wait your sarms are in pill form? I was under the impression that sarms in pill form are faked which is why I never even blinked an eye at buying from sarms1
The first time I took cardarine was in fill form and I really could tell the difference when running. But also was informed the same way you were about liquid vs pills. That was over a year ago though. Could be new advances in research.
I believe it dosent matter on the form ie capsule or liquid form whats important is the concentration and the quality. Id suspect at least half of all sarms are faked and almost all MK677 is faked, especially if you aint paying much for them. I've never had any of those sides from the 2 cycles I've ran to date however I didnt ran 677 any longer then 2 weeks because it just made me too damn hungry .
Yeah I'm getting all the usual sides and this isnt my first time with sarms. Just first time having these issues.

Hey Dylan, I emailed the manager asking if he had any knowledge of this happening to other people. He neither confirmed or denied knowing of these issues. He just said to take the pills on a full stomach with a glass of apple cider vinegar and that should solve the problem. Unfortunately I'm in Afghanistan and it takes almost 2wks for anything to get shipped here so it'll be some time after that when I can give you an update if the remedy works or not.
im sorry man, i dont really know what to tell you... contacting them and asking them was all i could say to do
Haha no problem Dylan. I think at this point I'm just the test subject so you can help guys in the future who may run into this issue aswell. Will update you in 2 weeks to let you know if this ACV drink works or not
Hey guys. So it's day 4 or being back on the full stack while dosing with Apple Cider Vinegar and I'm having no issues at all. I know some would argue its only day 4 but usually by day 2 I can feel how upset my stomach is. I can say now i have no issues what so ever.

If anyone does run across this issue in the future ACV seems to work. I dose on a full stomach and down the pills with a shot of ACV. I dont mind the taste but for those who do, you can add 3 tablespoons of ACV to a glass of water do mellow out the taste.

Hope me being the guinea pig here helps any of you guys in the future who have similar issues.
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