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  • Hi mate have only just seen your reply not sure exactly what the go is with the messages on here. Thanks for the info I will check them out. If you have any more updates on suppliers from Aus that will be great as my previous supplier has closed shop here too So I had to order from biotech in the US and they were quite expensive let me know anyway cheers mate
    G'day Matt,
    I'm hoping you can help me (new here). Im chasing a legit source for sarms here in Aus and I've noticed it's frowned upon to post this question publically, can you point me in the right direction?
    Cheers mate,
    Hey Matt, just wondered if you had any further info on sarms sources here in Aus? Any more info on Secret Sarms? Im honestly starting to give up hope. Cheers
    Hey mate.

    Can you please recommend a good source for Sarms in Aus? I’m in Melbourne. I think you’ve recommended Elite Sarms before but they don’t sell Cardirine anymore. Thanks in advance!
    Sorry didn't get back to you sooner . Tapatalk hasent been working on my phone . locked me out? I get mine from Australia . The boys on here don't like the sou rce I use but me and several other members here had great results from them and have had minimal sides . All the sides ive had are common with those sarms . Real sarms are not cheap so if your paying only 50 US for like RAD its more then likely fake . I only use one brand and i've ran LGD, S$, RAD140. GW , MK2866 and clomid . I higly recommend pre and post bloods if you running anything suppressive .
    Hey bro notice your from aus so am I. Names Blake was going to ask you where you get your sarms from do you buy from aus or do you get them from the US cheers mate
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