My LGD-4033 order just arrived, should I throw it away?


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Hi guys,

Some days ago I ordered a satchet containing 60 capules of LGD-4033, 5mg each, from and also two satchets of a "PCT Test Booster formula" consisting on legal compounds as ZMA, Ashwagandha, etc. that have just arrived home.

This are the links of the products I ordered:

I ordered from this website because it was the one that I found it had better online reviews, among the ones that ship to Europe. My worries started these last days, when while searching for more reviews I have found myself with some people who say it is scam.

I wanted to ask you guys what do u think about this website and the reliability of their products. It would be nice if opinions come with some background on it so we can have a better knowledge of this supplier, so please don't post only the "it's scam because I read it somewhere".

I also wanted to ask for a trusted and reputable supplier where I can buy real sarms from Europe, since the best sites I saw are from the US and do not ship to Spain
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