My current tren situation (long read for anyone willing to listen)


Okay so I know it's usually advised to run tren A for the first time, to see how you react, and have the ability to get it out of your system quickly if you experience adverse effects. Well, due to the logistics of running my cycle here stationed in Iraq, I opted for the tren blend (less vials, needles, syringes, injections, etc). I knew it was a bit of a risk, and I was prepared to deal with the typical side effects. I definitely did notice an increase in skin breakouts, as I've always dealt with skin issues anyway, and even experienced some occasional itchy nipples right off the bat, which I was a little surprised by.

But what I wasn't fully prepared for was the mental side effects. I thought I was in a pretty good place mentally. I was actually very excited to start this cycle, and motivated to get shredded by my coming vacation. But I guess the timing ended up being a bit bad, because I ended up having problems with a girl I had got involved with over here and things fell apart shortly before I started, but I was dealing with it okay. It wasn't effecting me too much. Well after a few weeks, it started bothering me more and more. I started thinking about this girl more often, stressing about the situation, going back and replaying events over and over in my head, obsessing about it. I found myself starting to get really anxious and slipping into a depression. At first, I didn't attribute this to my cycle, I thought the situation was just starting to get to me (I have a history of taking breakups/relationship issues badly). Then I realized I was a few weeks in my cycle (250mg test E/ 350 mg Tren blend) and it must be the tren messing with me. Now I'm a good month into the cycle and the past week has been bad. I've become a mental basket case and I feel like I'm in a deep depression, mainly surrounding this relationship situation. It's hard to say for sure, but I think the tren has gotta be making things worse, messing with my emotions.

Now, if I was running tren A I would probably just say fuck it and drop it, and run out test for the remainder of my cycle. But considering my levels are probably just now reaching their peak and stabilizing; it seems counterproductive to stop already, and it would still take weeks for the tren to wean outta my system. On the other hand, the thought of running out the duration of the cycle and feeling like this mentally the whole time is a nightmare. Also, at the end of my scheduled cycle, I'm meeting my girlfriend in Dubai for vacation, and at this point, I feel like I'm going to be in a piss-poor, irritated, depressed mood the whole time! (What's worse is, my poor g/f is not the girl I'm having a problem with here! Yeah I got myself in a mess.) I guess my question is, in your opinion, would it be better to stick it out, or cut it off asap? Is there any chance of feeling a little more emotionally balanced once my tren levels are stabilized for a while, or am I likely in for a rough ride the entire cycle? Also, how long after cessation of the tren could one expect their psychological state to 'normalize'? I'm hoping there's not a lingering effect. I feel I'm kinda fucked either way at this point... at least for a while.
Next time only run Tren A that's why we preach it over and over. Ultimately it's your decision but it depends how important this woman is to you. If she's a keeper ditch the cycle if it's a fling ditch the woman.
you are not going to stick it out man... its not going to get any better if its messing with you mentally... TRUST ME there.. its up to you but i would tell you 10 out of 10 times to stop...
Yes I would drop the tren man it can really destroy you mentally that for me was the worst part about tren out of all the horrible sides which I got all of as well lol
Your problems will only get worse the longer you are on Tren, especially with it being at peak now. Drop that shit now. I don't even see how this is questionable
I ALWAYS tell my chick when I run Tren so when I start acting stupid she just ignores me or tells me to leave (we don't live together). It's really good for them to know why you're acting like a complete asshole. I run Tren A and keep it at 8 weeks so it's not too bad.
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