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MK677 / Cardarine 4 and 5 week cycles - Worthwhile?


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Hi folks, brand new poster here.

Never used any Sarms or Steroids before so popping my cherry! I’ve just received a stack of MK677 / GW and starting tomorrow.

The reason I’ve gone for these compounds is the appeal of not needing any PCT. I work on an offshore oil platform so getting medication out there can be difficult, and PCT drugs such as Chlomid etc wouldt get through as eveything is bagged and checked by a medic offshore.

I’ve done quite a bit of research on these compounds and sarms in general (I know these 2 aren’t technically sarms but fit into that kind of category) and generally it seems that continued use brings best results. As mentioned above, due to my work I don’t think I’ll be able to get them offshore as the medics have no clue about these things and will likely generalise them in the steroid category. That and the fact the MK677 says “research chemical, not fit for human consumption” on the bottle so he can hardly prescribe me it. Because of this, if I only use them at home I’ll only be able to use them for 4/5 weeks at a time then away for 3 weeks without them. Wondering if this is worthwhile and will it br8ng any benefit.

Looking for advice if anyone has done any kind of cycling this way? Any feedback would be much appreciated.



If you can only run them for 4 or so weeks at a time then cant for several weeks don't bother a big waste of money mate . MK677 needs to be ran 6 months min continuous to see the benefits and GW can be ran up to 16 weeks before going off cycle for 4 weeks min. It makes no sense at all otherwise . Also REAL mk677 is expensive and hard to find . there is a lot of cheap bunk shit out there .


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It wouldn't be worth it. Especially with mk677. That one really needs ran for months to be worth it. All other sarms need to be ran 12 weeks to get the full effect from them


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Thanks for the replies guys and sorry for my own late reply.

Appreciate the comments, ideally I’d take for longer but as mentioned, my work is the problem getting the stuff out there. I’d already received them so money’s gone anyway. I started them a week and a half ago as I may as well use them now that they’re here, if it’s pointless I’ll just not buy any more. I’ll give it until I go back to work and see what happens, nothing to lose.

In the short time I’ve used them I’ve not felt much change really as far as side effects go. Slightly increased endurance with the GW which is good and motivates me to increase cardio. Also seem to be sweating quite a lot more but maybe coincidental due to hot summer weather - gym AC is shit. I’ve been a bit tired but I believe that’s mainly down to changing over from prolonged night shifts at work which always feels the same as this rather than the Mk677.


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that would be completely pointless and a waste of time and money to run them in that manner so just dont do it...