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Hello everyone. I am about to start a 12 week cycle running GW 50516, and LGD 4033. I wanted to add MK 677 into this because I feel as it would be more beneficial as in recomping between the two. However, I have ran MK 677 solo in the past and i could barely finish my cycle due to a very unusual side effect where I would feel very light headed every time I ate. Almost to the point I felt as if I might fall into a coma. I did start out at 30mg, and I figured maybe it would have been too high of a dose to start with? Anyone have any advice as if I should add in this compound with being safer or should I just avoid it, and stick with the two? I personally want to give 677 another chance because I did enjoy the results but any advice as to how I can mitigate those side effects is much appreciated.
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you should not exceed 25 mg per day... also, mk677 is faked quite often so you MUST have a trustworthy source