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Some of you kind folk helped me with a previous post of mine and this is kind of following on from that, I pretty much crashed my estrogen levels using a ridiculous PCT after rad 140(I learned the hard way), 9 weeks later estrogen is slowly creeping back up which is great, I am planning a 8 week Ostarine cut and am conscious of my estrogen crashing during the cycle and am wondering if there is anything I can use alongside to help with this, does anyone have any experience with pregnenolone?

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everyone here has experience with hcg man... what exactly is your question about it? if you want to use it, you can, it will be fine to use 4-6 weeks... that will help to bump estrogen up and if you only use it that length of time, it will be helpful and wont hinder you... here is a link to get the best quality ...


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ostarine isn?t going to crash your estrogen, it was crashed because like you said you overdid your PCT/AI.. keep getting bloodwork and order some HCG from