low dose tren and cyp


Well at my age I think I want more size then strength and good quality size. I?m going to do more quality lifting instead of just trying to out lift everyone. I think that kind of lifting hindered me in the past. It was more a ego thing where now it?s more a just look and feel good thing. I use to do crazy high doses like 1000mg test plus 750 of deca etc... all together in the past I would be on a total of 2000mg to 2500mg of gear a week. Now I?m trying to just keep it to 750mg to a 1000mg tops. Lol to some that might still seem high and then to others low lol.


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Just for any ones info and my experience with tren dose of 95mg a week separated in 3 shots, 1 shot every 7 days 150 mg of cyp. I know alot of guys will scoff at this but for past bad experiences of high dose tren and testosterone this has worked well. Not crazy strength gains but im 55 and am past that stage in life. weight gain of about 10 lbs of muscle and very mild sides with this cycle. I would suggest anyone above there 50s think about this and my results,View attachment 6710
I just started a test cyp 250 a week and tren A 300 a week, one if my smallest cycles I usually cruise around 300 test a week but I don't want to have to deal with the marks on the side of syringe so my bottle is 250 a ml and that's what I'm hunna run it at. I'm 47 . I've ran these before a little higher well test 500 and tren e 500 . Both were from a local gym source and I'm not even sure if they were dosed right , I doubt they were so I feel like this is a safe starting point for me . I have an intro up because I just joined . Tomorrow I'm going to start logging this cycle and progress . Have a great night bro