Is it worth stopping mk677 prior to a photo shoot?


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I've been on mk677 @ 15mg for 16 months straight and this is also my first time using it. I'm cutting hard for an event/shoot coming in August and I'm toying with the idea of stopping MK677 3 or 4 days prior to eliminate any chances of bloat etc. For what its worth, I'll also be taking RAD 140 @ 20mg, S4 @ 60mg, SR9009 @ 40mg, GW @ 20mg and Provirion @ 50-75mg at the time of said event. The provirion will be ran for 3 weeks prior to the show and stopped completeletly at the end of a 12 week total sarms cycle. RAD 140 is slightly water retentive as is however I am hoping to combat this with Proviron and being low BF.

Will cutting MK677 make a differnece for a drier look? I anticipate between 8-10% BF at the time.

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I think it will definitely. I know when I come off of HGH I lose a significant amount of water.
A week... You can do 2 just to be safe but 1 week should be fine.
I'd say a couple weeks prior as well to eliminate the water retention and take it out of the equation
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