INtolerable and Foul practices from the Evolutionary Forum


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It has come to my attention from several NOW FORMER MEMBERS of the parasite of a board termed "EVO" aka Evolutionary of the many foul practices occurring. We were well aware of many but it seems to be far worse than initially thought. The using of good people and sponsors, the editing of reviews, the deletion of comments over and over, the posing of alters as well as logging into banned members screen names and posting as them, the providing of low end products at high end prices and the overall disregard of people's health and well-being by lying and misleading is not only unacceptable but flat out despicable. This is not tolerable and it is extremely bothersome to see. Adrenaline Rush is the number one advocate for the complete opposite of all these deceitful practices and we want to start the campaign of "JUST SAY NO TO EVO!"

This is a new home for all of you. This is a place where you are in the best hands possible and you can rest assured that NONE of these foul practices will occur here. The selfishness and lack of care for others is incredible. Rest assured, Adrenaline Rush will be your new home and we will continue to provide the very best in every aspect that others fail. We are building a family here, a real family. Family means that WE CARE for everyone and we provide the tools and guidance for safety as well as health and longevity. We encourage everyone to take a stand and to come and join a real family and community.

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I did not know that! :shock:

That's nothing bro... That's not even the start... That's a half of a half of half of a fraction... Im sure you get my point... :eek: