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I'll start off by saying I am not new to AAS, but I am to international shipping. I have always gone old school and gotten from a local guy. However, due to a recent move, I started looking here for sources. Decided to go international with pharma lady because she had everything I needed with great prices. Customer service was great and order was sent within 2 days of placing it. Order was a decent size. My tracking has now shown "inbound into customs" for four days. I know that's not a lot of time and there are plenty of factors that can contribute to the delay (weekend being a big one). I'm not concerned about it being seized because I know that it'll get re-shipped. My concern is that I need some of what was in there within two weeks. I know I'm not supposed to start without everything on hand, but being used to local and getting everything within a couple days I jumped the gun. Anyway, I guess I just found a super wordy way to ask a simple question. What's a general time to wait before considering something seized? I'll need to place a small domestic order soon if it is gone.

Just hit up robo or someone for a small domestic order. That's what I do. I go roids24 but sometimes it just takes to long. I always have an international and a domestic to turn to.

As far as time frame. Who knows man. Could be anything. Till you get that letter you won't really know. Could just be lost.

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my order from pharmalady cleared customs extremely fast, so 4 days is a bit concerning... at least from my experience.
Will it state online tracking it has been seized or will letter get to you first
Thanks for any info provided
probably letter only and NEVER EVER admit anything. lol also they will confiscate any "illegals" and send thru the rest but I am hopeful you will be fine
I ordered from pharma and it was in customs less than 24 hours. I had my package at my door within 4 days. Things can hang up in customs though.
weather is still pretty shitty in places across the US so be patient it will get there and or pm pharma lady if anything happens
weather is still pretty shitty in places across the US so be patient it will get there and or pm pharma lady if anything happens

this is def playing a factor in slower shipping times.. International takes time and you just have to be patient. Hit up a domestic source TX suggested.
your not going to get a tracking update that says seized lol... that is not ever going to happen... it will just not move and eventually you will get a letter... depending upon the shipping provider, thats how usps packages will show
Any suggestions on what to use as new address for re ship
Po box ,mail box etc
The same as you'd use before. The adress is never the issue....customs is

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The source I ordered from requested a new address
Not sure what to do
My first issue with cust
Your address is now flagged... You'll have to use a different address.

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