pharma lady

  1. A

    Pharma Lady TD!

    Order placed 1/26, received today 2/4. Discreet packaging was awesome! Everything came nicely labeled and packaged in a safe manner. +1 for Pharma Lady and cbbram for getting me the price list!
  2. R

    Source talk

    Okay so I'm a new to forum sources and all, pharma ladies prices are a lot cheaper then I've ever seen. A little skeptical but really want to try her stuff. What do you guys recommend brand wise? How about the orals? How quickly does she ship? And how do you pay her? Just throw in any...
  3. N

    Pharma Lady Brand Recommendations

    Morning everyone! In the past had some great customer service and purchase experience with Pharma Lady on some PCT and ancillary support purchases and now looking to purchase my AAS as well, was previously using Pharmacom but had some major PIP issues last cycle, first for me as an advanced...
  4. X

    Pharma Lady: First Time Purchase of Gear

    Hey guys, I wanted to let you know of my experience using Pharma Lady, I was absolutely shocked at the service, freaking unbelievable!! So I placed my order on a Wednesday using economy shipping, and guess what!!?? Yeah, that's right I got my beautiful package of gear by the following...
  5. biggamike

    Pharma Lady for the win!

    Just wanted to give a brief review of my experience with Pharma Lady so far. I placed an for some T-bol and Proviron on Friday 9/30. I received the package...delivered to my door yesterday at 10am 10/08! As far as I'm concerned that's an astonishing turn around for international service. The...
  6. J

    Pharma Lady Shipping

    Don't think you'll find a faster international source. Order was shipped within a day of payment, made it through customs in an hour, and was at my door in a total of four days. Couldn't be happier with her service.
  7. J

    First International Order Complete

    I'll start off by saying that this was not only my first international order, but my first order in general outside of a local source. Started seeking out something new after getting ripped off for awhile and a recent move. All I can say was it was quick (even with a customs hiccup), customer...
  8. J

    International Shipping and Customs

    I'll start off by saying I am not new to AAS, but I am to international shipping. I have always gone old school and gotten from a local guy. However, due to a recent move, I started looking here for sources. Decided to go international with pharma lady because she had everything I needed with...
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