Pharma Lady for the win!


Just wanted to give a brief review of my experience with Pharma Lady so far. I placed an for some T-bol and Proviron on Friday 9/30. I received the package...delivered to my door yesterday at 10am 10/08! As far as I'm concerned that's an astonishing turn around for international service. The packaging itself was deluxe! Masterfully discreet! I see why everyone gives up rave reviews. The customer service is TOP NOTCH as well. Cbbram is cool and answered all of my questions with the quickness. This was really a pleasant experience. Not only will I continue to do business with PL, I will be sure to bring more business her way. I'm really looking forward to starting up my next cycle in November using the products I ordered.
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Cool bro! Looks like you have some Pez candy for Halloween... Lol

Happy to be a part of your experience.

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