Pharma Lady: First Time Purchase of Gear


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Hey guys,

I wanted to let you know of my experience using Pharma Lady, I was absolutely shocked at the service, freaking unbelievable!!

So I placed my order on a Wednesday using economy shipping, and guess what!!??

Yeah, that's right I got my beautiful package of gear by the following Wednesday, GTFO of here!! :)

Over $500 order with so many goodies, I will be busy for awhile...

It was my first time ever purchasing any gear so of course, I was nervous, but wow guys the service of Pharma Lady is beyond anything you can expect in this industry.

Totally professional, quick to respond. I mean I have had more problems ordering a pizza to be honest.

If you need gear at a great price, with fast shipping, with an honest person...then Pharma Lady is the way to go.

I can't wait to do business again...THANKS!!
Thanks for sharing... Welcome to the Pharma Lady experience.
This board won’t steer you wrong bro. Pharma Lady is great. Post some gear pics and good luck with your cycle
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