Payment Processing Update and Special for All of our valued customers!!


To each and every one of our customers whom we truly love,

As many of you have noticed our payment system has changed recently from what you were used to using.

We had numerous and continuous fraudulent orders being placed so it put our merchant account in jeopardy. With that being said, we had to implement some changes quickly.

As you see we have MESH and Bitcoin and a few other options.

We now have credit card processing again, HOWEVER, it will only be for recurring and vetted customers who have built trust with our company.

For those of you who have been with us and have placed quite a few orders, you will now see when you check out you will be presented with a link to make a payment similar to how we used to have. If a link isn’t immediately emailed to you, it will be within an hour. These links you will be able to use any credit or debit card as you like just as you were making a normal purchase, but it will be placed on one of our other stores.

For those of you who have not placed that many orders, you will still have MESH, Bitcoin and a few other options for payment. After you have built some trust with our company and have placed a few orders, we will re-evaluate the option to be sent a link for payment.

This is for our protection as this industry, as everyone knows, can be like the wild wild west. Please respect our decision with this process as it makes it easier for us to provide all of our customers the best options for payments as well as keep our merchant accounts safe.

Thank you all and we appreciate everything you do for us…from return customers to product reviewers…we appreciate everything!!

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This is more great news and just shows why I have said now for so long that you guys are at the top of the chain in this industry!
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