how old is everyone here?

One of the darker disney cartoons. Great animation, good story lines, and pretty good voice acting. It still holds up.

I know....I always looked forward to watching it. How I miss those days with good quality shows and movies

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i was just wondering... i have to be if not the oldest one of the older guys at 40 years young lol

how old is everyone else?

i seeing rickrock as late 30's

dylan mid 20's

nyrobo maybe 30?

rest of you guys i have no idea.. i would be just guessing

except texas terror i know his age is early 20s
I'm 40

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Whats wrong with Donahue or Geraldo Rivera ? lol, or what about Solid Gold, hahah.. classics

Remember Richard Bey? Talk shows made me think every girlfriend I ever had would be banging a black guy or my cousin behind my back. Serious.
40 next month. Celebrating in the Turks and Caicos

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Love the Turks! We met up with 6 other couples down there this summer! Had a great time! Probably my favorite vacation destination! Been there 3 times in the past 4 years!

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