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  • Hi stretch!

    I'm looking to use cjc 1295 w/ dac as a stand alone. Will probably supplement with alcar, ala, ubiquinol as I take those to help with ADHD.

    A little about myself

    I'm a 24 year old female, 5'0", usually 108 lbs but I gained a few lbs. I'm currently cutting as I would like to prep for bikini. I'm very new in regards to peptides, sarms, etc. I've also never prepped for bikini before. I would like to cut to 17-15% body fat and stay like that year round.

    Anyway. The question I have is regarding this particular peptide above. I'm getting all kinds of conflicting info. It's works, it doesn't, its best for females blah blah blah.

    Side note, I'm not interested in jumping straight to steroids right now.

    Any help you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for responding to my post, I take the HGH when I wake and I take the cjc and ghrp6 right before bed I've noticed a big difference in only a week but, I'm playing beat the clock to get to sleep before I get starving. I'm 270 I use high fats, stable protein, lowest carbs possible. I'm Canadian I get my hands on good stuff the gh is novotrop and it's legit. I also use 450mg prop ew 500 deca 100 winny oral 825 eq 75 proviron. .5 prampi .5 armidex eod. You said to give you a shout I'm open to any advice
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